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Once logged in you will come to this page. From here you can see all your teams latest activities, including results, fixtures, transfers, suspensions and injuries.
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Jobs: you can take a job at different clubs depending on how many manager points you have. The more points you gain the higher in the leagues you will be able to progress.
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For creating your profile you will gain 10 manager points, so it's a good idea to do so! This section basically lets other players know a bit about yourself.
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My team page is pretty obvious what you do here, you select your players you want in your team, including tactics for each player and also substitutes with their own tactics. You can play a range of formations and choose whether you play like fairies or aggressively.
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Stats in ETO are kept simple, unlike other games we dont have masses of pointless stats. On this page you can see your entire teams stats, by clicking on a players name you can also view a little more detail on the player.
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Tranfer listing a player, sacking a player, wages and contracts can all be done in this section.
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View your position in the league tables.
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Post messages to other managers and view who is online in your world here.
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Buy and sell players using our eBay style transfer market, players from overseas also join the market every week so be sure to keep an eye out!
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Check out your club's financial situation, viewing their weekly income and expenditure, be sure to keep on top of it though as going into debt will cause you to lose manager points!
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Stadium improvements and ticket price changes can be managed here.
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Your season's results can be viewed easily here. You can also use the links to the right of the result to check the scorers or read a full match report. Clicking other teams will also give you access to their results and fixtures.
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Match reports are available for you to read and study how well your players performed.
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You can arrange to play friendlies on days when you do not have a league or cup match. Arranging a friendly will gain you 1 manager point.
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Payments: the first 2 weeks are free, then after that it costs less than 1 a week. That's cheaper than a pint of beer!

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